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Just curious...if there were any such thing as a 'perfect' robot, how would it:

If we knew this, wouldn't have we already started implementing it? -- Kawigi

True...maybe i should restate the question:
In your opinion, what is your favorite:


The perfect bot would never get hit by bullets and never hit the wall, it would also always hit the enemy with anything it fires. I made a perfect robot once, it was a cheatbot mind you. But it did exactly what was described above, it reflected the bullets and made the bullets seek the enemy out. --Chase-san

For 1v1, clearly WaveSurfing is the ideal movement, although it's getting to the point where this is as much a given as PerpendicularMovement. And for 1v1, GuessFactorTargeting / VisitCountStats hasn't been disproven as the best targeting methodology, though I think DynamicClustering has as much potential. Radar for 1v1 is obvious, just keep the enemy in the middle of your radar sweep each time and there's no chance of losing him.

Melee is a bit more complicated, and I'm quite the novice in melee, but here's some thoughts... Targeting serves multiple purposes in melee: destroying a target so it doesn't hurt you and stops gaining points this round; hitting a target so you gain points and energy; hitting a target affects who they might choose as a target, too. Movement serves to stay away from dangerous robots, dodge bullets from dangerous robots and areas of the field, and stay close enough to a target to hit it; all of which are even more ambiguous than the targeting part. =)

-- Voidious

I say it all the time about Melee - It's better not to be shot at than to be hard to hit :-) -- Kawigi

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