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JCS - John Curtin Spartans

Team of 5 Software Engineers from Curtin University of New Technology in Perth, Western Australia.

Team Members

Cam "Lets just give this a go.."
Josh "I think we should multiply that by Math.random()"
Charles "lol"
Yaser "Do you guys have any food"
Steve "Y - Omega!"


Seth 1.8 - Our first public release. This thing is entirely modelled in UML and has over 200 pages of supporting documentation and management processes. It was a uni asisgnment with the code being a minor outcome of the entire project. Stands up well in mellee, 5 on all, situations.

-- a work in progress, named for my son. It is an attempt at a bot which works in 1v1. If i can read the code when i finish it and not cringe, i will open source it.... but it may take some cleaning up... working on a symbolic pattern matcher, and thinking of some other stuff to try (yin/yang ... hard/soft ... ebb/flow). will update when i have something that works... may be a while. <josh>

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