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Seth: Egyptian god of chaos who embodied the principle of hostility if not of outright evil..

Built as part of a Requirement Engineering unit at Curtin University of New Technology in Perth, Western Australia by 5 Software Engineering students (JCS).


 - Antigrav bot and wall avoidance
 - Multiple Mode firing selection
 - Math.random()



5th Nov Feel free to add any comments about this bot. Its new..

Welcome! I, as a member of the Norse gods, am always ready for a good fight. So why don't you enter your robot in the RoboRumble and see how it fares against Wodan, Friga, Freya, Fenrir and some 300 other bots! --Loki

5th Nov Thanks Loki - I have added us into the RR. Should be interesting to see how we go. Based on our strategies used I think we will do better in the melee but you never know, we may do alright in 1v1 too. -- Cam @ JCS

a remarkable bot: it's performance against all my problem bots (close fighters like wiki.nano.[DevilFISH 1]?, bbo.[RamboT 0]?.3, cx.nano.Smog) is very good. I guess good avoidance based on the AntiGravity movement is probably the reason why.
And this Egyption god doesn't like fellow gods like MiniWodan ... --Loki

to the rest of JCS::

am doing some experimental stuff with the gun while i'm on the island... trying what steve suggested with pattern matching and who said Design and Analysis of Algorithms 251 was a waste? o_0 i'm dropping the gun into Tao at the moment, but it would fit in Seth without any really dirty hacks as of now it is encoding dist to us, dist to wall, bearing, heading, and velocity am gonna mod the radar for 1v1 so we get better data to match <justjoshin>

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