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I'm waiting to hear this one. :P -- Kuuran

Assuming you heard this from Kawigi who heard it from me. It is a funny term that applies to shooting a gun. Have you ever wet your finger to figure out which way the wind was blowing? KentuckyWindage is along the same lines only you wet the front site on your gun so your gun can "adjust" for the wind. It is meant to be funny. It is usually associated with [Hill Billies]. If this show ever made it to your language and TV system, when Jed was "shootin' at some food" he was probably using KentuckyWindage while he was aiming. -- jim

It should also be mentioned that baked beans are a popular dish in Kentucky --David Alves

Just out of curiosity, why should that be mentioned? -- Kawigi

Windage... "wind"... --David Alves

Lower the level of conversation, why don't you... ;-) -- Tango

I am from Kentucky, but am moving to Virginia next year. Don't insult my state. -- Xero

I can't believe this conversation happened. -- Alcatraz

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