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This is Krabby's version history:

V. 1.0:
-Uses 4 Virtual Guns.
-simple Movement, which has a lot of Bugs.
-Circular Targeting does not work.
-An Bug in the firepower calculation, so that it only fires bullets with Power 3.
05.11.05: Ranked on Place 250 at RoboRumble

V. 1.1:
-Uses 5 Virtual Guns.
-2 new movements, which are alike.
-Circular Targeting is now fixed.
-New RandomTargeting
05.16.05: Ranked on Place 124 at RoboRumble with a rating of 1659

V. 1.11:
-fixed some Bugs
-new bad EnergyManagement
-Big disappointment, Ranked on Place 154 at RoboRumble with a rating of 1619 (5.19.05)

V. 1.12:
-fixed more Bugs
-the old EnergyManagement is restored
-little movement improvements
-RandomTargeting is improved
-no ranking improvements

V. 1.13:
-is a test version
-stores information between battles

V. 1.14 and V. 1.14b:
-test versions, now with data
-version b has more data
-v1.14 is on place 131 with 1644.75

V. 1.15:
-another test version
-realy buggy
-on place 999999 with rating=0

V. 1.15b:
-itīs like version 1.12
-stores no data between rounds

V. 1.16:
rank:145 raiting: 1633.69
-changed targeting method selection

V. 1.17:
rank:149 raiting: 1628.18 date: 30.05.2005
-changed targeting method selection
-fixed a wave collision bug
-new random movement

V. 1.17b:
rank:163 raiting: 1615.09 date: 01.06.2005
-changed movement selection

V. 1.17c:
rank:137raiting: 1637.99 date: 02.06.2005
-changed movement selection again
-replaced old movement
-added new movement

V. 1.18:
rank:105 raiting: 1691.29 date: 05.06.2005
-one more time a new movement

V. 1.18b/c:
rank:98 raiting: 1699.75 date: 05.06.2005
-removed one movement for testing

V. 1.19:
rank:146 raiting: 1636.01 upload-date: 27.06.2005 ranking-date 11.08.2005
-little movement changes

v. 1.20:(not released)
-completely new movement (The movement is good versus top bots but bad versus the other ones. I am bored with movements now...)

V. 1.21:
rank: 143 raiting: 1664.49 date: 11.08.2005 (ranking date 26.1.06)
-restored old movement one more time :)

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