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Hi all, I'm Luke.

At the moment of writing this, I'm only just back into robocode after a full year away from it (I just didn't have the time!).

I'm glad to see my bot, labg.Cataclysm, has still been battling away in my absence. I'm currently working on the next generation of Cataclysm which I have set the modest goal of reaching a top 50 position in the RR@H melee competition. At this point, he's probably at least 2 weeks away from completion.

Anyhow, I'm just glad I can be a part of this fantastic and talented community!

Catchya later...


Cool to see some one focus on melee, Welcome back Luck:} -- iiley

Thanks iiley. There does seem to be a larger focus on 1v1 battles compared to melee, you're right. I suppose 1v1 is the most pure form of competition in robocode, there aren't as many unknowns in 1v1 which I suppose makes it more of a pure 'battle of wits' compared to melee which inherently involves more guesswork and compromise. That's probably why melee appeals to me more, simply because I know I don't stand a chance against many of the advanced 1v1 bots! That being said, I do hope to make my next bot at least vaguely competitive in 1v1, we'll see how I go! --luke

Welcome back to Robocode land. I have been focusing on 1v1 since day 30 or so in my robocoding. But for me it is the need to focus rather than anything else. Melee is just as pure I would think. Just more complicated. -- PEZ

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