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Anti-GirlFriend? Anti-GuessFactor!


Anti guess factor targeting feature is implemented way too simply! I just use basic GF gun (to me) and basic wavesurfing. Though I don't know if it is any good to feed onHitByBullet? bearing to wavesurfer module. I think considering onHitByBullet? is better at avoiding some targetings such as HeadOnTargeting.

vs. BasicGFSurfer:

enemy % score battles Last battle expected % ProblemBot Index 
wiki.BasicGFSurfer_1.0 87.9 2 26-1-2007:15:53 42.2 45.7
% score 87.9 and ProblemBot Index 45.7 lol!




88  stelo.MatchupAGF 1.0 1781.78 details graph 1313 27-1-2007:6:27 

That movement really does pay off against single GF-guns, but it can't hold up (yet) against anti-surfer guns. Also it seems to have a problem against rambots, although firing 3.0 at close range should fix that. Really a nice development! -- GrubbmGait

Thank you very much. It really beats BasicGF?-guns. My problem bots are now rambots, e.g.

 demetrix.nano.SledgeHammer_0.22 27.9 5 27-1-2007:0:30 64.6 -36.6 
 radnor.RamRod_1.0 33.2 3 26-1-2007:21:51 68.0 -34.8 
I will release a anti-rambot version soon.

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