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A movement style where you copy and Mirror your opponent's movements. See Cannibals.

Subclasses of MirrorMovement:

-- Stelokim

Related topics:

The Cannibals discussion was leaning toward morphing your own long term movement behavior to behave like bots you've competed with in the past. It is much easier to just tell your bot to face the same direction your enemy is facing and go the speed he is going. I added this one day with a few minutes coding and it was just crazy effective. The result is that your don't have to spend much effort to create an effective movement strategy. You can focus your efforts on your gun(s). If you move as well as your enemy you just have to shoot better than him (or manage energy better, etc).

The two main drawbacks are:

- Martin Alan Pedersen

The roborumble rankings care how well you do against sucky opponents. :) There you need to do well against everyone as it counts. --Pulsar

I don't know if there's a name for it already, but VertiLeach has a unique mirror-ish style movement that's probably worth listing. Those sub-classes could probably go at the top of the page, too. -- Voidious

I see. -- Stelokim

Cool, I added some other related topics up there, too. Always good to see fresh content on the wiki! Cheers, -- Voidious

Good job. Now I should overcome AntiMirrorGun and AntiMirrorSystem :) -- Stelokim

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