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An idea I had for reliably destroying LunarTwins....I'll get it working properly when I have time ;-) -- Skilgannon

This could get interesting. =) I've also been pondering this, and planning to look into some "kill the non-Droid first" strategies, as well as tweaking anti-ram. -- Voidious

I have thought of a few ways that could be used to beat LunarTwins, however, most are tactics that would perform poorly against the traditional TwinDuel contenders and would not be easy to auto-detect when to use. I don't think it would be difficult to build a bot that will trash LunarTwins reliably, however both beating it and beating other contenders may could be difficult due to the codesize limits. I look forward to see what people come up with! Just be warned I do have ideas of how to counter some tactics against LunarTwins. :) -- Rednaxela

Well, the idea I have would be pretty hard to get around...it would involve targeting the non-droid specifically, like Voidious said. Even if you barely have any energy left, if the only bot left is a droid it will be easy pickings... On the other hand I could just come up with my own implementation of a surrounding rambot style, with both bots being non-droids =) -- Skilgannon

Well, from my observations of battles, targeting the non-droid first won't do that much good I think. Feel free to try it though. :) I am considering making the droid not a droid any more anyways some time, though that would only be worth it if either 1) I can make sufficient gains from keeping tabs on the other opponent, or 2) People start to be able to kill the leader first reliably. I'm personally more confident in the former than the latter, but I guess I'll see how things go. To do that though I'll have to find ways to shrink a pretty large chunk of codesize... I find it interesting that both of you seem to classify LunarTwins as a rambot, however I wouldn't call it one at all because it's not like it will ram a sitting duck except by fluke accident, it just moves where the opponent would be prone to inadvertently ram my team :) -- Rednaxela

What makes you say this? If we ONLY target the non-droid, it will be killed first, no questions asked, especially if we choose to fight a battle with bot our bots quite close in. Even if you manage to kill my leader first, my other bot will be able to go for your leader as well, and even if I kill it then, it will still be easy to destroy the droid. I think having both your bots starting with 200 energy will confuse some bots though, which is why I figured out another way to detect the non-leader ;-) -- Skilgannon

Well what I have found from observing battles, is when current opponents both happen to target my leader it certainly hasn't done them much good very often, of course this may change if your strategy is more than simply being like current opponents but targeting the leader first. Either way though, some defensive strategies I'm considering (which involve keeping tabs on both enemies) may help be able to counter that to some degree. Also, I was about to note what Voidious said above until he caused me an edit conflict :-P -- Rednaxela

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