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An advanced type of Robot that supports messages between teammates. (Derived from AdvancedRobot.)

Does anyone recall what the maximum message size is? I am throwing java.io.EOFException when trying to broadcast or send individual messages, even though it's just a single object with 5 doubles and 2 longs. Later it starts throwing java.io.StreamCorruptedException?. -- Martin

According to Florent (from GamePhysics page) it's 32768 bytes. -- Voidious

I dunno why it was failing. I ended up converting everything to a delimited string and parsing it on the other end. It's working now. -- Martin

Gah, the same thing is happening to me... and I only have about the same amount as Martin... :| --Bayen

Hmm.. I could be a bug in Robocode. I will look into this one. --Fnl

Never mind, it's fixed. Apparently I missed a non-serializeable part of the message and that was throwing it off, then when I started passing valid messages the manager got messed up and passed itself or something... Why is it that whenever I post something on the wiki I figure it out myself five minutes later? *sigh* ;) --Bayen

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