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Woah, scary PEZ... About an hour ago I looked in Movement trying to find some info and found that it was blank, and that movement info was in MovingAround instead... An hour later you changed it... wow... [edit] scarier still... How is it that all pages that referred to MovingAround now refer to Movement without having themselves been edited? Was I just imagining that it was ever called MovingAround? -- Vuen

Yes, you must be on the same stuff I was when I wrote the VertiLeach gun. =) Actually I did the same as you did. Checked the Movement page and found it was empty and was confused and only after a minute or so remembered I had named the page MovingAround way back when the wiki started (some hours after TheBigBang?). So I changed the name of the page. It had quite a few references so it actually took close to a minute for the wiki script to do it. I guess the wiki script does it internally in the database without ticking it like a change. -- PEZ

Oops. It seems the script doesn't move the sub pages... -- PEZ

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