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This is a test release of Jekyl 0.62. This bot is the exact same in every way to Jekyl with the exception that it was built with no preloaded data. I think I actually should have change the names as it seesm to me that Mr. Hyde would have a perfect memory from all of his experiences except those times where he is transformed into Dr. Jekyl. Dr. Jekyl has no reasoning or morality so he would be more apt to not have any memories of a previous encounter. But Jekyl came first so too bad. =^>

Sorry, I couldn't resist: I don't have a perfect memory but nonetheless I don't ever recall being a bot. Rod Hyde

I must be a better programmer than I thought. I produced a replicant!!! Do you dream about Unicorns? -- jim

20 December, 2003 - I removed MrHyde from the RR@H. Thanks everyone for your patience with this. -- jim

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