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I haven't been here in a while, what's new? I see everything has gone opensource, which certainly looks interesting. What are the latest developments in robots? -- Tango

I created an "extends robot" that uses a basic GF gun (UnderDark4) --UnderDark

After WaveSurfing, no real new things gave come up. It seems the focus currently is a bit biased to melee. -- GrubbmGait

That's not a bad thing - when I was active here melee was pretty much ignored. -- Tango

When I started (maybe three months ago) I was mostly interested in melee, since it was more entertaining to watch. It's also a lot easier to compete as a new bot. Consequently it is a lot harder to excel. As you kill off your enemies you are also doing the other survivors a favor. So, I've shifted my focus somewhat to duels where I can see solid progress as I improve my guns and movement, while still keeping melee in mind. -- Martin / Ugluk

18-09-08 robocode is offline -- asdasd

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