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The Irish Olympic Team


If there are any closet Irish out there then post here. ;-)

Creeeeeak, the door of the closet needs oiling! In response to your email Jamougha I have logged on, whats next? The Waterford chap, user name Chuculain

Hey there! Well, you can enter Deep7 into the ExtendsRobotCompetition, it's been dormant, but I think that's just because of the lack of new entries. You can also enter into the main competition, just go to www.robocoderepository.com and upload your bot, then add it to the RoboRumble/Participants page. You'll end up with a ranking in a few hours.

And of course you can create a page for yourself and tell everyone who you are. Likewise for your bots. And add yourself to the Olympic team, it's only a couple of months away now. ;-)

Welcome to the Wiki! -- Jamougha

Uploaded Deep7, that competition may be defunct alright, it hasn't run since March I think. Irish Olympic team eh? I saw myself in the mirror this morning, I hope eating pies is in this Olympics!! Whats the crack with the Olympics anyway? Are we to write a bot between us or what? Chuculain

If you entered Deep7, Alcatraz would probably run it again, I'm curious to see if it would compete with my Girl (the reigning champion). -- Kawigi

Yep, just add it here: ExtendsRobotCompetition/Participants. I'll run a few seasions. And Brainfade, if you read this, whatever happened to Ralph? -- Alcatraz

Kawigi I have dowloaded your Girl bot, and no Deep7 can't compete with it. Thats what happens when an idiot writes robots in robocode!! :) However I am up for the challenge, maybe there's a Deep8 that can. Chuculain

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