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Next competition is scheduled for whenever a new bot is submitted or updated.

This is a new tournament to exclude the likes of DT and all those other AdvancedRobots?. The only requirement to enter is that your bot must extend Robot. I'll run the first tournament next weekend. Stay tuned for further competition details. -- Alcatraz

OK, I've set up the OneOnOne format, comments welcome. Melee is a bit more complicated if I'm going to do it elimination-style. -- Alcatraz

Hmmm... radar's going to be difficult... movement and firing should be doable though. -- Tango

To help people transition, I've written /RadiansRobot

I'll be entering this, sounds fun! --David Alves

Added some sample bots, if you don't mind. What's the format of the competition? Single elimination like Face2Face, seasons like the MinibotChallenge?, something else? --David Alves

What about Melee? -- PEZ

Melee would be fun too, I'll enter the melee competition too if Alcatraz runs one. --David Alves

I was going to use the tournament version of RoboLeague like the MiniBot Challenge, but I can't get it working for some reason. I do plan on doing both 1vs1 (800x600) and melee (1000x1000, 10 competitors). But since there hasn't been any single elimination tournaments in awhile and those are fun, I may do that. Probably 100 rounds. -- Alcatraz

1st: sample.Walls	10367	4950	990	3635	725	67	0	99	1	0
2nd: dft.Krazy 1.1	2118	50	10	2013	20	23	0	1	99	0
Better do something about that before the competition... ;-) --David Alves

Yeah, yeah... nothing like Walls to expose your head-on targetting. --Alcatraz

I'm happy someone else noticed the huge gap between Robot and AdvancedRobot! Maybe i'll code something worthy for this now ... AdvancedRobots? are evil >:( -- Qetu

There's an Irish national Robocode tournament for Robots, funnily enough. I just added the #2 to the rumble and melee rumble. Beats Krazy, looses to SpinBot. I'll see if I can track down the winners and get them to put up their bot too. -- Jamougha

i'm going to make a robot, but probably not untill the last minute so that no one can test against it and because of time constraints with school and track and whatnot. --andrew

"The first season will run on 13 March 2004..." - did it run? If not, when will the first one be, and more importantly, what's the deadline for entering? --David Alves

Oops, I meant the 20th. Deadline shall be 10 AM EST. --Alcatraz

Just added cf.robot.Dot . hope you havent started the competition. If you have i will have to wait for 2. season --deathcon

Not according to his deadline, it's a bit before 8 AM EST right now. -- Kuuran

Sure i think its about 14 AM CEST --deathcon

Alright, competition is starting now. --Alcatraz

Results of season 1 are up, sure goes fast with only 8 competitiors. I want to know where Ralph was, because Krazy shouldn't have won. --Alcatraz

Ahhhhhh crap, missed it. Had to avoid robocode and sleep in order to meet deadlines for friday, after that i pretty much crashed and forgot to enter. Got 4 weeks of nothingness to fill, so expect a strong entry next time out... --Brainfade

I look forward to seeing it. I also look forward to seeing something by David, it seems like he might be planning something. Competition is really fast to run, so I'm going to do another tomorrow. --Alcatraz

Don't forget to include Girl in there, too, then. I just basically threw it together from code I mostly already had. I think it will do well (at least it will give you guys something to try and beat). Maybe in melee (right now you could basically put them all in one battle) you could have the bottom five robots be eliminated? -- Kawigi

Nuts, i somehow managed to lose all my Ralph code and now i cant get the gun to work. Looks liek it could be a long night. When do you want Ralph by for tomorrows competition?? --Brainfade

I just made a new movement, here's ralph with head-on targetting:

1st: brainfade.Ralph	10048	3850	770	4649	778	1	0	77	23	0
2nd: dft.Krazy 1.21	6639	1150	230	4882	373	3	0	23	77	0
Anyhow, back to fixing the gun...--Brainfade

Haha, i know what the bug is. With an "extend Robot" bot it is futile trying to implement any kind of radar lock. Having spent hours changing things around to try and get one, it turns out that you only scan when you arent doing anything else. Don't know if everyone else apart from me was aware of that. Frustrating... --Brainfade

"Hmmm... radar's going to be difficult... movement and firing should be doable though." - wasn't that basically the first post on this page? Girl just spins her radar between motions. It seems that you can get around some of the limitations by doing stuff in onScannedRobot (like PEZ's WallsPoet - it spins its gun infinitely and moves in onScannedRobot - but the movement doesn't stop the gun from turning. Kind of interesting). -- Kawigi

Hmmm... I never thought of using events like that, that deserves investigating... IIRC CustomEvents are in AdvancedRobot, which limits the usefulness a little, because doing stuff in onScannedRobot only really works if you can scan every tick. Still, I'll look into it. -- Tango

"Works" depends on what you do there I guess. Custom events seem to be an advanced concept so it belongs in AdvancedRobot. in'it? -- PEZ

Thinking about it. Shouldn't it be possible to use threads to control your Robot? Make your own setXXX() and execute() methods and thus create much of what's in AdvancedRobot only with immunity against wall hits. Just a thought. Haven't really looked into the implementation details. -- PEZ

Yes, that ought to work. The calls would only block the thread they were called from, leaving your other threads to get on with whatever they have to do. I'm not sure it's in the spirit of the competition, but I think someone should try it anyway. (If everyone starts doing it it defeats the point of the competition and we will have to make a NoThreads? rule.) -- Tango

Well, I'm thinking of it as useful outside this particular competition. =) -- PEZ

The wall issue? You could well be right... -- Tango

Competition in 20 minutes, still accepting submissions. --Alcatraz

Alright, check out those results ;-) How does it feel to be beaten by a Girl? -- Kawigi

I tried to make a Robot version of a stat gun using events, I had a radar lock and didn't block more than a tick from onScannedRobot or run, but I found when my move went off (in various bullet and robot hit events) it blocked my radar anyway. So that trick is of limited usefulness. -- Kuuran

A PatternMatcher should work well. --deathcon

The problem is that a pattern-matcher which can go without scans at arbitrary times is a little harder to implement. -- Kawigi

Yeah, a stat gun is alot easier, if you miss a few ticks on a stat gun it's no big deal, if you miss them on a PM it's going to be a big pain. Unless, as Kawigi implied, you miss the same number of ticks consistently on the PM, then it's a bit more useful (like a melee PM that sees every 8th movement), but being consistent in the amount of time missed on a Robot is pretty hard unless you're always making the same length movements, scans, etc. -- Kuuran

Right. Although I'll have to mess around with a more WallsPoet-ish approach maybe. If my radar could spin without blocking movement/gun turning, it would be nicer :-) One thing I imply with the stat gun, too, is that the erratic scanning makes my technique of interpolating position for missed scans even more effective. -- Kawigi

Yeah, I call the update code iteratively and interpolate the past positions. The problem I had was that the stuff in onScannedRobot and run stopped going once other events went off, so it'd be locking radar, then it'd go to move and the radar would freeze. The funny part is that movement and turning would happen at the same time, it'd make arcs, it just refused to also scan (regardless of if it was making an arc or not). :p I have a few more ideas to play around with before I discard it, but it seems like it may be a dead end. -- Kuuran

Sorry alcatraz, i'm gonna have to bail on you again. The combination of the football and the nice weather means my mind has been on things other than robocode, and i havent even started re-coding Ralph. I'm busy all tomorrow, so i wont get it done for sunday. I'll have him finished for the one after i promise... --Brainfade

Alright, that's fine. I'll just run the one with Deep7. -- Alcatraz

Just remember Deep7 was my fist attempt at robocode, against your bots it may be a little weak. -- Chuculain

Finished running the competition. Kawigi's Girl won again, in both melee and 1v1. Deep7 was runner-up in melee, congrats Chuculain. --Alcatraz

Which leaves me with the question, is it worth my time to upgrade Girl to make sure I stay ahead or should I just keep waiting for someone to really challenge it? Also, I think Girl's round 1 score against Krazy is a typo. -- Kawigi

Congrats Kawigi. Really strong robot you have there. I will have to update Dot, but at the moment i need all my free time to work on my advanced robots. --deathcon

Yeah good call Kawigi, typo there. I think I've got a challenge for you. Krazy 1.4 beats Girl in my 1v1 tests. -- Alcatraz

Just finished up tonight's competition. The next one is scheduled for Friday, and it will be the last one until a new competitor is entered. -- Alcatraz

In typical style, i won't have an entrant ready for this competition. Despite having laid down some code Ralph is far from battle ready. I'm shooting back off down south later on today for an interview and will be staying there till next Friday, and unfortuantely i won't have my puter with me. As an interesting sidenote, looking through the list of applicants, one of them is Alisdair Owens (of Nicator and SnippetBot fame). Small world in'it... --Brainfade

Wow! Can't you try interest Alisdair for Robocoding again? -- PEZ

Girl 1.1 should send Alcatraz back to the drawing board... -- Kawigi

I'll see what I can do about running the next competition. -- Alcatraz

I finally uploaded the results to the most recent competition. Melee froze a couple of times and I never fixed it, but I don't think that matters because Girl would've won again. Let's have some more entrants, people! There's been very little talk on the wiki recently. Are you all plotting how to make a kick ass Robot? -- Alcatraz

Cool. Looks like I get to run this again, finally. -- Alcatraz

Where are you posting the results? -- UnderDark

http://www.squarefuse.com/robocode.htm Unfortunately, UnderDark3 didn't make it out of the first round. But hopefully a few more updates and you can beat Girl. No one else has been able to do that so far. -- Alcatraz

Are you going to run a melee? --UnderDark

Yes, either later tonight or tomorrow. --Alcatraz

I ran another one on one competition and uploaded the melee results from last time. Girl won again, as usual, but UnderDark3 placed second in one one one. --Alcatraz

That is what I expected(Losing to Girl) --UnderDark

Yep, that's pretty much how it is for every Robot. But I'll run another tourney tomorrow to see if my newest Krazy can beat it. I tweaked the guess factor gun a bit, simplified it, actually. Also, I've noticed that UD3 gets stuck in the corners a lot. You might want to look into that. -- Alcatraz

Another competition run, and a very close match in the finals. --Alcatraz

04/06/05: I finally ran another competition. Hopefully in the next one there will be a new Girl? -- Alcatraz

Shouldn't the top 3 in one-on-one have been Krazy, Girl and UnderDark? -- Kawigi

Are you going to run a melee? --UnderDark

Yes, yes it should have been. Those were the results from the last tournament. And I don't think I'm going to run a melee. All it is at the moment is 100 rounds of the 10 bots entered in the competition, and that doesn't seem very tournament-esque. -- Alcatraz

To run a tournament-style melle: take the 8 competitors put into two matches of 4 each on a 2k X 2k field. Then take the 1st and 2nd place bots from each melle, and put into a 3 "finals" melle. Run all melles for ~25 rounds --UnderDark

Well, I sort of did what you suggested, but 4 each on a 1000x800 field because that's my favorite size and there aren't any competitions that use that. Girl won, of course. -- Alcatraz

The dynamics are quite interesting compared to a standard 10-bot battle. Krazy seems to do relatively well (or maybe IndustryStandard? does relatively badly) in 4-bot battles. -- Kawigi

Ran another competition. The new UnderDark did not fare so well. Also, even in traditional battles, Krazy still does ok (but only against other robots, of course). -- Alcatraz

4-17-05: Finished another competition. UnderDark got unfortunately paired with Girl in the first rounds, but still performed decently. -- Alcatraz

It looks like Girl 1.2 has its traditional 3 wins now, is the next tournament featuring Krazy 1.6? -- Kawigi

Well, I spent the afternoon writing a robot that would WaveSurf, but then I realized that robots spend such a long time at GF 0 anyway that it's almost irrelevant. Plus I suspect that it was also broken... -- Alcatraz

5-9-05: I seem to remember hearing that one of these was going on last weekend - status update, Alcatraz? -- Kawigi

Yes, Girl won, UnderDark was second, I have not run melee, I am busy, 10 days of school left, I will post it by the end of this week... -- Alcatraz

Sounds like you need automatic results generation and uploading like the RLL ;-) (of course the benefit for the RLL is much higher, since it ran its 75th tournament last week) -- Kawigi

OK, I got the results up. Girl defeated UnderDark in the finals. NanoKing? lost in the first round. -- Alcatraz

Hi everyone.. Chuculain here, been out of commision for some time. But the summer (laughs to himself) is here I wonder if this extends robot comp is still alive?

I should think that Alcatraz is still doing this and I would also like to enter soon. You can always try sending him an e-mail if no one else responds to your question. -- Kinsen

Alcatraz mentioned to me he's planning on running another tournament probably in the next week with the new UnderDark3 version. Of course maybe he was just trying not to sound like a wimp after asking me if the RobocodeLittleLeague is going on this weekend. -- Kawigi

The RobocodeLittleLeague motivates me to run the ERC. Without it the last two weeks I was reduced to apathy... really though I'm apathetic anyway. I actually have a half-finished tournament from last month still to post, and I really will run a new one either tonight or tomorrow. I hope to see new bots from y'all soon. (And one from me so that Kawigi can have some work to do.) -- Alcatraz

Well, the first unpredictable thing in the history of the competition happened - Krazy beat Girl in the finals. Definitely a fluke, as it's the only time I've seen that happen with these two versions. Girl won the skirmish, of course. -- Alcatraz

Is this competition still active? --UnderDark

Sorry, I've been playing Civilization IV in what free time I have now. Will try to run a tournament... -- Alcatraz

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