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Not much time right now. But the latest, but broken, version of the wiki is reachable by: http://robowiki.net/perl/robowiki.broken help move the missing content from there to here. Be sure to always check what wiki you are editing. =) -- PEZ

One more thing. Use this page to synch who's doing what. -- PEZ

Great to see that someone has started the recovery phase. But, you really should synchronize it from this page. Otherwise someone else might needlessly do the same work at the same time:

WhoWhat Page Status
VicRoboRumble recovered
VicRoboRumble/RuleSuggestions recovered
VicChallenges no recovery needed
VicHistory/KingsOfRR recovered
VicCassiusClay/UpdateHistory recovered
VicCassiusClay recovered
VicTheBestBot recovered

Thanks Vic! Are we recovered now or do you think there are more updates missing still?

Everyone. I brought up the wiki on a machine that is not suitable for use as a server. Mainly to assure myself and you others that we still have the wiki in spite of the old disk lying there dead as a ... as a ... ... well, dead anyway. I'll move the wiki somewhere safer as soon as I can. I might bring the wiki offline soon if I get too worried about it at this current machine. -- PEZ

I think only the YALT page is still unrecovered. Looking at the "source" I decided it was better done by Master D himself. Looking at the edit times it seems like this new machine's clock has not yet been synchronized (we are in the same timezone iirc). Unless the server's outage has been caused by a temporal anomaly, which has now transported it to a different space-time continuum. Or unless your server resides in a totally different location on this planet... --Vic

I noticed that too. The system clock reports the correct time though. I have no clue what's wrong. But maybe the wiki script does some magic. The broken version had some pretty peculiar time stamps on a few pages too... -- PEZ

Master D... I like that... :-) Did the TargetingChallenge calculator survive? --Master D

The script has survived I think. But something makes it throw an error on this machine. I'll take a look at that later tonight. -- PEZ

PEZ, you need some money to cover the expense of the new disc? I would be happy to chip in. -- jim

Same, and Axe mentioned he will too on the WikiOutage page. Maybe you should get 2 discs and run a RAID-1? --David Alves

I probably should set up a RAID of some sort. Disks are not too expensive though so I'll take a rain check on your offers. I might need to beef up a step and buy a machine made for being a server later. Right now I am thinking on checking if I couldn't get a hosting company sponsor us with some free space on a real server machine in a real server environment. Surely someone should be interested in serving a non-profit programmers community like ours? Let me know if anyone of you have ideas or contacts or whatever on this issue. -- PEZ

I can set you up with some free space on a real server in a real server environment. What do you need? --Vic

Wow! I don't need much. Apache with a virtual server for robowiki.net that I can control via local .htaccess files, mod_cgi, mod_rewrite. Perl. Preferably Linux. Regular backups obviously. But it's not much data - it'll take a few years before we reach 1GB I would think. SSH access if that's possible.

Something like that. Counting on that Master D takes care of the RR@H here.

-- PEZ

PEZ, first of all, I'm not a linux/unix sysadmin, so some of the things you say do not ring a bell. How big is the wiki currently? And how much data transfer goes on monthly? I'll set up an account big enough then and you can test it to see if it meets your demands. --Vic

All in all, with the currently uploaded images and other wiki-external files included, this site is 150 MB. It zips to 25MB. I don't really know what the traffic is. But you know ho it is. It's a bunch of Robocode geeks reloading the Changes page every now and then. =) Mostly text. It's not much anyway. -- PEZ

Ok, I've reserved enough diskspace for the RoboWiki. I've tried sending an account info email to pez@pezius.com, but I get a failed delivery email back. Have you changed your email address? --Vic

No, but my server is crashed, remember? I've now removed the MX-record in the DNS and set it up so all mail should be forwarded to my gmail.com address (pezius@). Your SMTP server is probably using a cached DNS lookup answer. Please e-mail it to my gmail directly. -- PEZ

Account info sent. --Vic

I'm switching the wiki to read only mode a litte while now while I try to copy the wiki to Vic's site for a first test. If things seem to work we might be able to do the transfer in a few days. Hopefully we'll find a good strategy for the DNS propagation and stuff. -- PEZ

Now the new wiki should be complete with also the currupted pages reinstalled. -- PEZ

I keep losing the setting of my preferences. Any ideas why? -- jim

Not really... The settings are cookie based. Maybe if you examine your robowiki.net cookie we can get a clue? -- PEZ

It was my side. My Spyware blocker saw the cookie as a pest. Great job getting everything back on line. Wish I could buy you a beer. Thanks PEZ! -- jim

Yeah, I wish that too! One of the great things with Robocoding is joinging around a common interest with people from all over the world. But a natural thing like having a beer together is really hard to accomplish. -- PEZ

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