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A PerceptualBot designed for SurvivalBattles?. The name is from one of the rings of the planet Saturn.

In a perceptual bot you are not allowed to store information.

In a SurvivalBattle?, the basic rule is simple: hit one shot in eight.

Pandora is based entirely on this basic rule.

When moving, it tries to be randomly distributed in one of at least nine different positions giving at least nine different firing angles for the enemy to choose from. This concept was also used in Saturn. See also PerpendicularMovement

When firing, it adjusts fire-power so that the enemy can only be in one of eight firing angles at the time of impact. The firing angle is then randomly selected, see RandomFiring?. Because many bots are not circling the enemy, it is more probable that the opponent will be hit in the centre of the range than at the extreme edges of it, therefore a gaussian random variable is used.


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