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The basic idea of this bot was to be randomly in one of seven different positions (according to the previous rules of robocode you needed to hit one shot in six to stay ahead), circling around the enemy bot - this gave the name, because of the rings around Saturn.

The firing was originally inherited from Relativity. It was improved to handle dodgers better. Then the rule of "always fire 3" was applied, and Saturn went into the top 10 of qohnil's league.

I was thinking of how to convert the movement logs into symbols so that I could make a pattern matcher, but never quite got it. (see NanoLauLectric? for a solution to that!) Then when graygoo? published the source of Wolverine I got another solution to pattern matching and Saturn got a pattern matcher.

The movement was fairly successful and many of my bots use a similar approach - the Saturn series - Iapetus?, Titan?, Calypso?, Pandora and PandorasBox


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