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About Qohnil

I'm a German Java developer.

(Hi again to anyone who still remembers me)

Why Robocode?

For playing around with AI and honing my Java skills. Stopped doing anything robocode sometime 2002 though due to way too much other stuff to do.

Had to deactivate my ratings website due to cracking attempts, unfortunately. Luckily, RoboRumble@Home came along as a way better alternative since then.



Welcome, Robocoder from far before my time! I see you're not intending further development of your old bots, so are you planning to be making any new bots? :-) -- Rednaxela

Hi Qohnil, I remember you, has it really been that long? :) -- ABC

Hey ABC, good to see a name I remember... - and yes, it's really really been that long... - I was surprised myself. - Rednaxela, I haven't really thought about starting a new bot; however, if I see this right, you can do debug drawing to the playfield now; and that's something that had been terribly missing... I'm quite tempted to play around with another attempt at a neural network bot again... :) -- Qohnil

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