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Robocode Rocks!!;)

I am pretty new to Robocode, but as I was reading about all of the terrifing targeting sysetems I had the idea to create a randomly moving bot that was continusly moving with out trying to avoid bullets. but the movement pattern makes it hard to hit.(the only bug is that it makes it harder to aim as well.) -- Peter

You should look at RandomMovement and RandomMovementBot. It is mostly based around randomly moving about, but keeps your bot perpendicular to the enemy, which makes the randomness far more effective (and should help out your aiming). With regards to aiming, what kind of a system are you using? Most aiming methods can work no matter what position you are in as long as you consider where the target is relative to you. A bit of a downside to moving in a pattern is the vulnerability to PatternMatchers?... -- Jokester

Curently I am not using any more advanced targeting. Instead, I try to turn my gun back to where the enemy was last time I saw them. Also, the RandomMovementBot will pick coordinates randomly and then go to them. My robot will use math.random to pick between Left or Right and Ahead or Back and then determine randomly how far to turn or move. I also attempt to keep the robot moving. I will look into your targeting suggestion. -- Peter

RandomMovementBot doesn't pick coords on random and goes to them. It picks a lateral direction around it's enemy and then randomly decides when to switch directions. -- PEZ

Although I might actually see how that works, just for the hell of it. Ill just set my MinimumRiskMovement to return one point and see how that looks... -- Jokester

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