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Alternately known as Timotheus. PFV coming from a corruption of that name "Timopfvtheheusa watever watever." Which, believe it or not, I have been called. ICM from a combination of my name TIM and initials TCM. A newbie to Java and Robocode who codes from Maryland, USA, and has a younger brother who is also a fan.

These are the general divisions of my robots. I name them by a general classification of ascending numbers and then a specific classification of version numbers. Thus "Sobieski 7.2.3b" is not my 7th version of Sobieski but rather, Sobieski is my 7th robot, on version 2.3b. Version numbers are assigned rather arbitrarily but after some semblance of order.

My first five robots, "LouseV1?", "Stanislaus", "Scanderbeg", "Viteazul", and "Zizka" were lost in a transfer in between computers. I'm currently seeing if I can recover them but I consider it unlikely. I have posthumously designated these as L-Class, and as Robots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I am currently working on a new set of robots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but these will be developed in parallel to 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, which will be S-Class. The new robots 1-5 will be partly designated L-Class and partly B-Class. Here is a sum of the robots.

1. Sheridan. (American general) Though it has an S-name it is L-Class. It is the basic equivalent of the previous LouseV1?, which is the basic equivalent of a juiced-up MyFirstRobot. I use it for testing purposes.

2. BioTracker. The first B-Class. It is the basic sample.Tracker but with AdvancedRobot implementations. It is surprisingly good, defeating all SampleBots save TrackFire. I use it for more advanced testing. Named "Bio" because AdvancedRobot makes it more "alive".

3. VorpalBlade?. B-Class. A circular-moving robot that does not move its gun at all, firing only when it has a direct aim (MyFirstTeam? gun). Used for advanced testing. Rams quite nicely in melee. Named for the youth's sword in Jabberwocky.

4. Belisarius. (Byzantine general) Though a B-name it will be S-class and based on what I can remember off of the former #5, "Zizka". It will attempt wall movement and simple, non-advanced Robot implementation. Not yet begun.

5. Bagration. (Russian field marshal) B-class. Unknown as of yet what it will be or do. Not yet begun.

(L and B class robots vary in their color but usually contain red somewhere. S-class robots all contain a cyan robot body and varying gun and radar colors.)

6. Subotai. (Mongol general) Implements RandomMovement when bullets are fired and TrackFire's gun. Working on perfecting movement and will then work on improving gun. A work in progress.

7. Sobieski. (Polish king and military leader) Implements PerpendicularMovement, LinearTargeting, and a fancy Radar lock. Thanks to all on the wiki who contributed code unwittingly. This is mainly a finished work and is on the Rumble, but if anyone has an idea for what relatively simple things I can do for improvement with 190+ bytes of code until I'm out of micro, visit its page and comment.

8. Suvorov. (Russian field marshal) Uses Oscillators and CircularTargeting. Still very much a work in progress. Gun doesn't work yet.

9. SunTzu?. (Chinese general and military commentator) I came up with this name before I was aware that somebody had already done TheArtOfWar. I have since downloaded that robot and hope to learn from it. It is unknown as of yet what this robot will do.

10. SkanderbegMkII?. (Albanian king and military leader) This will have little to do with the previous #4. I will try to do an AntiGravityMovement engine and PatternMatching if I can. Kind of ambitious for my skills but that's why I'm going to finish two robots and build three more before I get this guy going.

11+ will possibly be called an M-class, if Robocode still holds my interest then. I will follow the precedent of naming them after famous military leaders whose names begin with that letter. Possibly Marlborough and Moltke, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

The robocode community doesn't seem very active these days, but I am excited and hope to learn!


Hey, Welcome to the wiki! (I know you've been around here a little while, but I didn't say it yet). It looks like you have a fair amount of planning done and I wish you well with your bots. As for the robocode community being inactive: there are a few of us who update pretty regularly, and many others who are somewhat less active but still around nonetheless. --wcsv

I wasn't around, but judging from some of the old pages on the wiki, it does seem like the community is less active than it once was... but there's still a considerable amount of activity here, and it seems to have grown a bit in the last 6-7 months, which is about how long I've been around (and thus all I can really comment on.) Best of luck with your tanks! Planning ahead is probably not something most Robocoders do as much as they should =) -- Voidious

Something really weird. I can't edit the Suvorov page. I'll press save and nothing will be saved. --Pfvicm

As part of the effort to suppress SPAM, it is sensitive to # of links in an update. Try removing them and adding them 1 at a time. (At least I'm guessing that's the problem.) -- Voidious

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