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This is the archive of my user page created on 21 May 2007 (last message is from 2006). I was a Robocode beginner, and as you can easily see, had many problems. For something more interesting to read, see discussion page of Archer - there are lots of useful and insightful advices from Brainfade, PEZ, Kuuran (very, very helpful tips about my then-crappy-and-still-not-very-good gun), and David Alves. Thank you again!
Welcome to the wiki! -- PEZ

Yes, welcome! --Vic

Hello, I'm really happy I found this wiki. It is very helpful.-- Ph

Ph. Please don't run your RR@H client until we have found out what's causing the strange things that are discussed at the end of the RoboRumble/ReportedProblems page. -- PEZ

OK, I stopped. I'll try to see, what could cause that. --Ph

Please do. Although I doubt it's easy to figure out. -- PEZ

I think it was JRE's fault. It crashed, so the results and/or upload process could be done incorrectly. RR@H client and configuration was and is correct. I think I can now run my RR@H client, of course carefully watching what it is doing. What do you think? --Ph

No, I think that if your settings are unchanged this could happen again. The problem is pretty major. The whole ranking table is now wrong (not just my lacmus bots) and I don't know what to do about it. It won't heal by itself even if we let it be for a month. Until we have a clue on what is wrong here I think your client should rest. It'll depend some on if Albert has time I guess. Could you post your settings anyway? -- PEZ

My settings are at /RumbleSettings. Sorry for that mess with rankings. I will not run my RR@H client until we find the problem cause and solution. --Ph

Please don't be sorry. It's not your fault or anything. Thanks for posting the settings. Now I can't see anything wrong there, but I didn't expect that either. Maybe you should run the client anyway and set the buffer memory of the console you run it from to something very high. If we get strange results from your client then maybe you can find something in the output that can give us a clue. -- PEZ

I have found the most probable cause. I think it is my fault. I have wrongly configured my client. Before the crash I added to roborumble.txt this line:

and ran my RR@H. Its behaviour at the start was normal (it downloaded few bots, including Pugilist), written that it is executing 1v1 battles, but when it was uploading the results, it did it in a strange way: like melee results. And then crashed. Then I reverted the previous (default) settings and everything was OK (I was running RR@H for some time before I saw your first alert). --Ph

Ah, that sounds like it might be what has happened. Hope, Albert can confirm that. And also I hope Albert knows a way to refeed the ranking table to clean out the rating errors we now have. Great that you took the time to analyse this. Thanks! -- PEZ

True. The MELEE parameter determines the type of battle, but roborumble.txt uploads to 1v1. There is no esasy solution though. If you upload a new version of the bot, it should correct by itself. Otherwise, it will be necessary to delete the bots with incorrect rankings from the summary file, and then go to the details file of the bots and delete the line refering to ph bot. Or you can leave it enough time and it will correct itself in the long run :-) -- Albert

OK. It will be in the very long run i guess. But I have updated my to "live" bots (even if I didn't exactly succeed in improving Pugilist...). Anyone else that don't like the rating effect the melee batch of results caused can update their bots too. Then we should maybe figure on a way to add a reset button to RR@H so that we can cope with these kind of things easier. -- PEZ

Great to see you rapidly producing new bots! Using a NeuralNet and ShrapnelDodging this time, which is way cool. I also noticed Jester is giving my bot Locke a very hard time. Keep it up! --Vic

Thinker is another Locke's ProblemBot. What about that? --Ph

Locke just told me that he thinks that sucks ;-) --Vic

Hey PH. I can see you're also trying this years ITPW. Maybe we could try some sparing battles? If so, please write at lrem [at] go2.pl . --LRem

Hi, LRem. My ITPW program is not a strong player. I must solve performance problem and implement some defence strategy. Then it will be more sense to play some matches. --Ph

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