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 * PluggableRobot, by Robert J. Walker
 * Home page: http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki?PluggableRobot
 * This software is made available under the RoboWiki Limited Public Code License (RWLPCL). The full
 * text of the license may be found at http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki?RWLPCL.
package rjw.pluggablerobot;

 * Components encapsulate the main combat behavior of the robot into pluggable modules. Any code
 * that actually sets an action for the robot (moving, turning, rotating the turret or radar, etc.)
 * should be done in the go() method. Components should NEVER call any blocking methods;
 * PluggableRobot will call execute() automatically when all components have had a chance to act.
 * @author Robert J. Walker
public interface Component {
	 * Asks this Component to execute any actions that it wants to take this turn. PluggableRobot
	 * will call this method once per turn for each registered Component. Don't put any blocking
	 * calls in here; PluggableRobot will call execute() for you automatically after calling go() on
	 * each Component.
	public abstract void go();

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