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Started Robocoding in 2007 after a co-worker suggested having a Robocode tournament at work after a long, painful software release cycle. Fascinated with it ever since.

My robots:

Welcome to the wiki, by the way. =) Seems you're already settling in. Just curious, did the tournament happen already? Anyway, feel free to post any questions you have, I think this is generally a pretty open and helpful community. Best of luck with your bots. (You should point your co-workers here, too - after the tourney, hehe.) -- Voidious

Welcome, looks like you are thinking before starting to program, that is a good habit. The only Tyr I know of comes from Loki, if that is so, please encourage him to be a bit more active. I still beat his bots in aswell OneOnOne, Melee and TwinDuel. -- GrubbmGait

The source for PluggableRobot has been released... almost. For some reason, the wiki won't let me post the last two classes. I'll see if I can make it work. --RobertWalker

There are still some "silent failure" WikiSpam? protections in there. I thought it was mostly if you posted with more than X number of links, but maybe there's another one you're tripping. (At one point, these were the only defense against WikiSpam?...) Those should probably be removed since we got the Consciousness Check, but right now they're still active. If you can't get it to work, feel free to e-mail me the posts (see ContactInfo) and I can post them for you. -- Voidious

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