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Follow your tummy

[Winnie the Pooh] is one of my favorite characters. In my favorite episode the friends are lost in the woods. Much because Rabbit, lover of complexity, gets them into a mess by making a problem of something that isn't. In the end it's Pooh's tummy that finds them the way home. From http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072410/quotes:

(Pooh's tummy rumbles)

It's very much along the lines that I do things. Not just coding, but indeed coding is one area where I listen to my tummy. Today I found support for this approach of mine:

The entire book seems to be a good read. But for me just this short section was a sweet read. I'm not alone!

-- PEZ


Nice link =). It reminds me that [The Tao of Pooh] was required reading in my Software Engineering class, as funny as that may sound. I think I've always assumed you'd read that, PEZ, with your occasional Pooh references; but if you haven't, it's a great book. -- Voidious

Required reading huh? Sounds great! I'll check it out. -- PEZ

Just like debugging from a different approach... --Starrynte

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