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Princess quite comfortably battled to the #1 position in the Eternal Rumble Champions League of April 15 20003!! -- PEZ
  Princess - everybody has his princess in his heart.
  designed by xieming and iiley.

  Princess's work mode is: it chooses a robot operator to control the
  robot, it can choose a different operator in different battles or different
  round, based on the battle score of the operator. So it can choose the 
  best operator to battle the enemy. A different author can design his
  own operator separately ( must inherit the abstract class Operator ).

  This class is just an operator chooser, it chooses a robot operator
  from all operators based on the operator's battle score. Actually,
  the robot is controlled by the operator chosen, an instance of
  AdvancedRobot and all robot event will be sent to this operator,
  so it can control the robot. Every robot operator must inherit the
  class Operator.

  This class also manages the score info. 

  The more Princess runs, the more info will be collected, so Princess can 
  choose the best operator to battle a certain enemy or in the multi mode, 
  and the Princess will become more and more clever.

  currently, there are two robot operators:
     #0. MinixHT? - designed by xieming
     #1. Lolita  - designed by PEZ & iiley

How does it move?

MinixHT? move : I think xieming should explain this, but he never likes to visit the internet, I know its move can learn, if you make it fight against a linear aiming bot or other simple aiming bot, it can dodge perfectly. Lolita moves: PEZ wrote it, I think PEZ should explain it.:)

Lolita move is EscapeAreaMovement. Which means:

How does it fire?

MinixHT? fire: Uses pattern matching gun.(seems like two guns, maybe similar to [Vitual Gun]?) Lolita fire : Uses the improved aiming system of Lacrimas's, and uses a PowerGun? to select the best power.

How does it dodge bullets?

Two operator's movement both can dodge.. ...

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

MinixHT? Melee: uses pattern mathing gun and chooses the most predictable bot to shoot in melee, so you can see it hit SandboxDT very much in melee, but its movement is not good, especially in more than 5 enemy battles. Lolita Melee :uses the same aiming to OneOnOne but not use PowerGun?, similar movement to Nimrod.

Where did you get the name?

xieming said:"everybody has his princess in his heart."

Can I use your code?

Yes, you can. But only the frames and operator MinixHT?'s source code include.

What's next for your robot?

Maybe you can add an operator into Princess?

Just something I've observed occasionally in melee that is probably holding this excellent bot back:

operator is : Lolita
MinixHT score  : 6432.895037189583 with 32 rounds.
Lolita score  : 140758.0740107106 with 391 rounds.
cx.Princess 1.0: Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at cx.lolita.move.LolitaMove.initTarget(LolitaMove.java:181)
    at cx.lolita.move.LolitaMove.registerRFired(LolitaMove.java:60)
    at cx.lolita.Lolita.onFire(Lolita.java:75)
    at cx.lolita.gun.Gun.fireBullet(Gun.java:84)
    at cx.lolita.gun.Gun.work(Gun.java:36)
    at cx.lolita.Lolita.play(Lolita.java:54)
    at cx.lolita.AdvancedOperator.work(AdvancedOperator.java:81)
    at cx.Princess.run(Princess.java:76)
    at robocode.peer.RobotPeer.run(RobotPeer.java:616)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:536)

Also, 201 skipped turns in 9 rounds? Does this always happen? -- Kawigi

I'm confused. LolitaMove shouldn't be used in Melee. At least that's what I have always assumed. "Holding ... back" is probably an understatement of proportions since that movement is truly OneOnOne specific. -- PEZ

In my testing it did not always happen too much skip.~;[

and LolitaMove of course was not be used in begining of Melee,this should be happened when there are only two robots alive in battle,then it turns to OneOnOne fighting. -- iiley

That's generally the case. Although I've seen it crash with the same error (I think) at the beginning of the round, though. I just ran 50 rounds that included it, though - I got the most firsts and thirds, and only 2 seconds - Princess got something like 15 2nds. Either way, something needs to be fixed. -- Kawigi

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