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ProjectNano is my first viable battle tank. Its the first bot I've made that can defeat all sample bots with ease!

ProjectNano 2.0 Size: 249 bytes


     A simple curvilinear targeting system has been implemented.
     Performs very well, except versus stop and go movement systems


     Moves back and forth. (I had to down grade the movement system to fit in the nano group)
     It stays perpendicular to the target at all times.
     Wall avoidance removed to fit in the nano group. 


     Fire power is based on target energy alone.


     version 1.0
     I entered it into the rumble just today! (20/09/07)
     Did decent in the micro league (in the middle somewhere)

     version 2.0
     This one should actually make it into the NanoRumble?! (added 29/09/07 )

Improvements These improvements will only be made if the bot remains at the nano level.

     Shrink code... Its exactly 249 bytes, so I can't do much.

If you were to post or include the code with your bot, I'd gladly take a quick peak at it to try and find you a few bytes of codespace. --Miked0801

The source should be included with the bot. If not, then I must have made a mistake... I guess I could add it here.

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