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This is a collection of one hour hacks. I really mean that, I spend an hour every morning working on it and put the new version into the rumble.


NumberRatingMovement Targeting Remarks
0.1 1417.47 Random Circular First release
0.2 1462.53 +Musashi trick =
0.3 1524.73 = VB array with CT,RT&HOT Buggy RT
0.4 1566.63 Changed to ROM Fixed RT Too much corner death
0.5 1559.96 Added wall smoothing =
0.6 ? +Antigravity +[SPM] Missed release
0.7 ~1630.00+Dynamic distancing +Distance segmentation Probably last release
0.8 1651.79 = +EnergyManagement

I suppose I've set a record with it - it got a ProblemBot Index of -40.7 against ruc.nano.Zealot_0.2 ;] --lRem

Impressive ;-) Now you know there is room to improve. I have a lot of PBI's of -30'ish with Grofvuil, but also a +42.8 against timmit.nano.[0]?.33 (not counting sgs.[1]?.1 because it crashes sometimes) -- GrubbmGait

And another nice result with 0.3: +41.2 against Acero --lRem

From 0.4 details:
shu.nitro.LENIN_.T34 50.0 1 22-5-2005:11:22 52.6 -2.6 Compare
That was on my client, 2992 to 2992. Seen any 50% before? ;) --lRem

I've seen 50% against a bot in the details, but not after a single battle ;-) That would have been a good chance to check your PL score to see if it's odd! -- Kawigi

It's not odd. The odd thing is that after removing from participants list it refused to dissapear from rankings page. On ELO ratings both new and old version coexist peacefully. In PL there is only the older version. Interesting... -- lRem

The PL is only updated twice a day, the time is listed at the top of the page. A previous version of a bot can sometimes reappear because someone has run battles offline and uploaded them after the update, or the previous version has not got the number of priority battles (standard 500, but you can alter that). I regularly see the old version fighting the new version, but this should stop after one or two result-uploads. -- GrubbmGait

This bot is a specialist...
bbo.[RamboT 0]?.3 26.4 2 22-5-2005:21:28 74.3 -47.9 Compare
Previous version had a positive PBI here ;) --lRem

You've screwed up your Musashi-trick, its suddenly much more vulnerable for HOT-bots and also for RamBots (and bbo.RamboT is both). Your overall progress is quite nice for one-hour hacks. -- GrubbmGait

Yeah, I knew that. I didn't screw anything, I just hacked a wall smoothing method that made the bot die when opponent was near. Yet I've prepared a 5 line hack that dealt with it. The funny thing is that my beloved one made me forget to put that into the rumble. I'll wait with the release until the next one is ready - be prepared :> -- lRem

Heh, had some trouble with everything, so I the release is late. Also it is probably the last release of this bot. This one is slow (two pattern matching guns in the array) and buggy (neither can hit Spinbot consistently). Hope it gets any ranking boost. --lRem

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