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To create a bot that is accepted by the RR@Home server, the following two rules are obligatory:
  1. The bot must have a packagename.
  2. The bot must be packaged in a jar-file.
  3. A <botname>.properties file must be present in the jar-file.
The easiest way to do this, is to package your bot with Robocode (Robot -> Package robot for upload).

Strong recommendations:

  1. Choose a unique main packagename to avoid mixup between different participants.
  2. Stick with that one main packagename per author.
  3. Do not use underscores in your packagename, botname or versionnumber. Robocode itself has no problems with it, but the RR@Home client is known to have problems with them, especially in versionnumbers.
  4. Do not use spaces in your filename. Although Windows allowes it, the RR@Home client can not handle them properly.
  5. Keep your bot Java 5 compatible. Not everyone has switched to Java 6 and certainly on a Mac this will result in invalid battleresults.
  6. Try out your just packaged bot before letting it loose in the rumble.

To enter the 1v1 competition

  1. Upload your bot into the RobocodeRepository and note the corresponding "id" number.
  2. Go to RoboRumble/Participants page and add your bot to the list.
  3. You should be able to see the results (some time later) in RoboRumble/CurrentRankings.

NOTE: Instead of uploading your bot into the RobocodeRepository, it is also possible to put your bot on your own website. In that case you have to fill in the full URL on the Participants page.

To enter the Melee competition

If you are planning to enter the Melee competition, then enter your bots into /MeleeParticipants.

To enter the Teams competition

If you are planning to enter the Teams competition, then enter your teams into /ParticipantTeams.

To add your country's flag to ranking table

(quote In the rankings tables bots are represented with a the flag of its authors nationality. We associate the "main" package of the bot with a flag. If you find your bot has no flag, or has the wrong flag, let us know here. -- PEZ )


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