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I'd love to help out in creating the melee RR@H, even if its just throwing in ideas. However I don't want to put all (or any) of the responsibility on Albert if he's busy with other things. We can discuss what needs to be done, and then if others (such as myself) can help out that would be great. Anyway, seems like Paul and Amarok would know exactly all of the math that needs to be done, so they would be the people to ask for how it's gonna work... -- Vuen

Umm, yes. I didn't mean to imply I though Albert should do all the work. It's just that he probably knows where the efforts need to be put in. And I will work out a non-voodoo ranking system. (Just kidding.) -- PEZ

Not sure, but it should be quite easy:

About rankings, if I understod Paul correctly, it's just taking each possible pair of competitiors and uploading them as a single 1v1 battle. For example:

It will be uploaded like:

-- Albert

Im not helping or anything with the development but it seems to me that uploading the results as 1v1 battles is a major hack. Woudlnt it be better (In the long run) to update the framework to be able to upload custom battles of any type, such as 1v1, Melee, Deathmatch etc?? That way it would be easy to update when someone wants to run a different type of competition, rather than hacking it each time something new needs to be added. It just makes more work in the long run if you do a series of hacks. IMHO that is. :)


Melee ELO scoring is done with 1v1 results for each combination in the melee, it's nothing to do with the software. -- Tango

Hrm that sounds mighty strange way of ranking. Why do we need all this ELO stuff in the first place? Why cant we just run battles and use the results like the old Gladitorial Leauge? That worked fine for melee. --Wolfman

=) Because RR@H is about stable rankings. Not just providing fun. -- PEZ

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