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April 21 2005 - I have to shut down the RR@H server for a day or two now. My Halo 2 wiki (which runs on the same machine) suddenly got a little too well known and my server can't cope with it. I have to shut down everything httpd on the machine at the momentl. I'll bring the RR@H server up tomorrow again for a test. Sorry for the inconvenience dudes... -- PEZ

Oh well, I can wait a few days for the melee crown... :( -- ABC

Dry your eyes mate. =) I'm starting the server again. Keep your thumbs crossed it doesn't bog down. Good luck with that crown! -- PEZ

Could you not just use ipchains to block the access to the ports that Halo2 is running on? If they get no connection maybe they will just move along? -- jim

Hey, I am running the Halo 2 wiki (http://halowiki.net) so that people should reach it. I don't want them to move along. =) But yesterday the wiki was mentioned on the front page of bungie.net and that's a very popular page obviously. In the end I had to ask them to remove the mentioning. Kind of sucks, but I simply don't have the resources to welcome tens of thousands of wiki visitors a day. Halo 2 is not Robocode when it comes to volumes of particpipants. Now everything should be fine though. I'm moving both the RR@H server and the wiki to a dedicated machine this weekend. Should provide a more stable environment than my Windows XP Home PC. =) I was not joking when I said the RR@H server was temporary. But it seems we lost David Alves to real life again so I'll keep running it. Unless of course someone else of you would like to try run it. Without the ambition to rewrite it then of course. It's just a few servlets and some text files. All you need is Tomcat running on Java 1.5 machine. -- PEZ

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