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I've created a comparison servlet, feel free to test out it and when it feels stable and good enough I'll integrate it with details sheet or something. Thanks PEZ for the patient testing! [RatingDetailsComparison].

For a comparison of different versions of a bot, which was the basic idea, you have to change the version(s) in the URL.


The above link no longer works, is it mirrored somewhere? -- BigPete

[RumbleScore], click on details, then click on compare. -- Skilgannon

Sorry, was looking for the software to display the rankings, I am looking to carry out my own RoboRumble and use the comparison servlet. -- BigPete

I'm not sure where the code for that is kept anymore, although it seems it would be fairly simple to write - just the score of one minus the score of the other, and highlight. -- Skilgannon

It's greatly useful! I would like to be able to sort the table on %score and diff. Is that possible? -- PEZ

I'm still getting HTTP error 500 - internal server error when trying to use it. When I choose "roborumble" and then, after page reloads, some bot, page reloads and I see error message. Stack trace is:
	at RatingDetailsComparison.getRobotNames(RatingDetailsComparison.java:41)
	at RatingDetailsComparison.doPost(RatingDetailsComparison.java:79)
	at RatingDetailsComparison.doGet(RatingDetailsComparison.java:32)
-- Ph

I think that's due to the problems we have with concurrent reading and/or writing of the RR data files. Wait some ten or so minutes and then try again and the deadlock might be gone. -- PEZ

Hopefully this is an old issue now for everything regarding RoboRumble, inculding deadlocks for uploads and even overall speed. PEZ just installed my rewrite of the Roboumble DataManager? on the server, but we will see... Please keep an eye out for any problems with RoboRumble! -- Pulsar

Can you make the links to things relative to the context root? When you use rumble.robowiki.net I can not get at it as that does not resolve for me. It never has for some reason. I would love to see this tool but I can not. Alternatively is there a dyndns.org link that those unfortunate few (like me) can use? This is the same for the graph on the rankings page as well. -- jim

What links are you referring to? Anyway you can force robowiki.net to resolve by adding an entry for it in your hosts file on your computer. -- PEZ

Hmm why has this changed, the link above doesn't work for me either now (it did yesterday), changing the host to the rumble.robowiki.net works though. The servlet really should be relative to the context root already. What has changed PEZ, somehtign when I restarted tomcat earlier today perhaps? jim can you reach it by adding Comparison after RatingDetails? in the URL when checking a robots details? I'll be on icq/msn ... -- Pulsar

I can reach it if I do this. I like this tool a lot. Very nice work. -- jim

By the way if you add &fullInfo=true to the URL you get more details. -- Pulsar

I tried to change the link so it would be relative to the host used for the wiki. Forgot about the "rumble" prefix. =) -- PEZ

Aaah :-) I think it seems stable enough with the last release, so time to figure out a good place to add a link to it? On the RankingDetails? page? -- Pulsar

Yes, the last-battle column isn't very useful. I suggest we replace it with a column containg links that compares the main bot against the selected opponent. -- PEZ

Pulsar added the comparison servlet link to the details sheet. So now, whenever you want to compare your score against Shadow's, just click it! Tons of thanks Pulsar! -- PEZ

Would it be possible to compare the current version of a bot with an older version? -- Alcatraz

Look at the URL string after comparing your current bot to itself. You should be able to figure out where to change the version number of the 2nd bot parameter. I know thats what I am doing for DarkHallow versions. -- jim

The link on top doesn't seem to work. -- Kinsen

The servlet is incorporated in the details sheet. If you want more info about the servlet itself, you should ask Pulsar. -- GrubbmGait

Fixed the link on the top, but it is also viewable from the details sheet of your bot on the rankings page. -- Pulsar

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