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Sept 13 2005

The wiki had bandwidth exceeded problems on the last hosting service. I'm now trying to run it from the same host as I run [halowiki.net] from. It's a VPS on http://powervps.com. While halowiki.net seems fast and responsive there, this old wiki runs a bit slow. But I think it's stable at least.

Let me know if something is suddenly not working. -- PEZ

Indeed a bit slow, but acceptable. And good to find that you host a wiki about another game, though I don't play Halo. -- Jonathan

If you type http://robowiki.net it shows the Apache page, if you type http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki it works fine. -- StefW

That's odd. Both works for me. Anyone know the proper Apache directive to redirect that shortcut to the script? -- PEZ

Last night it worked fine but now it has stopped working. -- StefW

Now then? -- PEZ

It works now, thanks! -- StefW

It was a stupid error. And it's me owing the thanks really. Thanks! -- PEZ

It appears that the www address (http://www.robowiki.net) resolves to the old site. When I ping it I get versus I suppose it might be a cached entry on a name server and fix itself. Thanks for all of your work on the wiki! --Corbos

Actually I wrongly assumed I was using CNAME for the www DNS entry. Fixed it now. Can take a while to propagate I guess. Thanks! I just never use www prefixes for anything unless I must. =) -- PEZ

Vic Stewart informed me that the bandwidth problem was due to the Yahoo search bot going nuts on the site. And since it runs a bit slow on this site we're now moving back. I won't copy the updates over. I have just changed the DNS pointers. Which means we will need to manually update the new-old wiki. To access the temporary wiki enter http://vps.robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki It's just a couple of pages we need to bother with. Please assist with it if you can. -- PEZ

I think the wiki is up to date now. Only the changes history that gets a bit confused with me as the author of those latest diffs. But it's how it is. -- PEZ

Oct 24 2005

The site was shut down due to it exceeding it's bandwidth limit! I've now bought 2 years of hosting from http://site5.com/. I'm pretty sure we won't have bandwidth limit problems now. And to me it seems pretty responsive too. But since it costs me money I will ask you people for help and provide a "donate" button where anyone can chip in to keep the site up and to keep it ad free.

I did the transfer in a great hurry. Please let me know if there is anything that doesn't work now that used to work. And sorry if there are updates missing. I used the latest nightly backup for the transfer. But maybe when they release the lock on the old host we can manually transfer any edits made there that didn't follow to this host.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have made this move earlier.

-- PEZ

Are there search robots around again? Remember the robots-file to prevent that. -- Pulsar

Yep. I'm using this since some months back: http://robowiki.net/robots.txt but misbehaving bots don't bother reading that file I guess... -- PEZ

Hey! RoboWiki just recieved its first donation. I'm not sure the donor wishes I reveal his name, so I won't. Anyway, almost two months of hosting came that way. Many thanks kind donor! -- PEZ

Maybe we should have a page listing who has donated, with anonymous as a possible entry? Also do not be afraid of donating small amounts, it all adds up. No I'm not in any way involved in the money collecting effort, or the actal money, other than the fact that I'm about to donate. :-). By the way if you are looking for the donate button and couldn't find it, just like me, the reply I just got from PEZ was this: "It is well hidden at the bottom of the page." Do I feel stupid... -- Pulsar

Anyone who wants to let people know he/she has donated can from now use the title "RoboWiki Donor" on their member page. Pulsar, you already contribute heavily by hosting the RoboRumble@Home. But your donation is welcome anyway. =)

I've now checked the latest updates on the old host and luckily they were all transfered here.

-- PEZ

The image asking for donations is not showing. -- Kinsen

It is showing here, but not while I'm editing this page. -- Jonathan

How much bandwidth do you guys use in a single month? I might be able to provide better hosting for free. Drop me a line, aaron.krill@gmail.com -- AaronKrill

I can only answer for the rumble itself (PEZ has the wiki) but I haven't measured the bandwidth usage there. Never seen any bad effect of it, on the other hand it is running on a 10/10mbit connection (soon to be 100/10mbit as a free upgrade). The hosting is not a problem for me, it is just fun, some electricity & noise from an extra server :) -- Pulsar

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