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On the topic of blocking morons and vandals

You can make two rule files, normalrules:
 add 100 allow ip from any to any via lo*
 etc. Make sure rule 1000 is reached before anything is allowed.
and blockedips:
 delete 1000
 add 1000 deny ip from to any
 add 1000 deny ip from to any
 add 1000 deny ip from to any
/24 is the amount of 'fixed' bits in a range, resulting in
You can do this in a startup script:
 ipfw -q normalrulesfile
 ipfw -q blockedipsfile
and this to refresh the blocked IPs, after you updated the file:
 ipfw blockedipsfile
That should be manageable. -- Jonathan

Thanks. Though the problem often is about finding out from what ip the vandalism came. I have sometimes blocked out good RoboWiki citizens when I have misinterpreted the logs. We'll have to watch the development on the vandalism issue. Lately their have been some idiot(s?) trying to post links to offensive sites hidden in the text of the pages. Most of those un-asked for advertisements have been detected and deleted I think. But if it gets too much of it we'll have to think up some antidote of course. I would really hate having to turn the robowiki into a moderated forum like some other wikis have been forced to do. -- PEZ

It is possible to save IP-addresses for every revision, besides WikiName?s, but of course they should be only visible by you. Or maybe a WikiLog? in which you can easily look them up (you should be able to search for something like RoboWiki/IPFiltering revision 2). Anyone who can implement that? -- Jonathan

Well, I would like the first option. I'll see if I can do that. -- PEZ

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Last edited August 19, 2004 1:20 EST by PEZ (diff)