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On the robocode screen you will see that your bot as between 400 and 500 energy, this is normal. But the getEnergy() and ScannedRobotEvent.getEnergy() will still return a number between 0 and 100 (can be negative if a bot is dead).

Additional methods

If you want to correct this text (especially my english), you will be welcomed. -- Synnalagma

Other consideration you want to add

Old discussion since it's fixed :) -- Synnalagma

Interesting... Are you sure there's not a way around renaming all these methods? With CoopRobot, nothing needs to be renamed, and all the same stuff is accomplished. I can email you the source code to CoopRobot if you'd like to see how it's done; the only reason it's not open source is so people don't modify it and introduce incompatibility issues with their bots. -- Vuen

Great proposition, I tried to think about it but not found a solution since getAllEvents? (and all this methods) don't have the event already dispatched. My email is synnalagma__AT__hotmail.com -- Synnalagma

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