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A MSWindows only robot programming game, on which Robocode was originally based. Very impressive. Uses its own, simplistic, programming language called Robot Scripting Language, or RSL for short.

From the Robot Battle home page
"Robot Battle is a programming game that challenges you to design and code adaptable battling robots. Robot Battle is unique because it takes strategy rather than reflexes, accuracy, or timing to succeed. Winning Robot Battle players are those who create the smartest robots. What differentiates one robot from the next is its brain, for which you are responsible."

Of course Robot Battle is not completely unique with these characteristics. Robocode shares them (quite naturally, since Robot Battle is the "model" after which Robocode was made). Robocode and Robot Battle belongs to a genre of games which on this site is called RobocodeGenre.

Check Robot Battle out at http://www.robotbattle.com

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