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Statistically; the operating system you are using. -- PEZ

Man, you're good. -- Kawigi

It's actually really funny that I first see this one of the few times I visit the wiki from my linux box :P -- Kuuran

Would have been the same if I had visited it from my linux partition... -- Kawigi

Hey, I have some Linux problems with Robocode... -- Frakir

I have a big problem with RC on Windows XP. It only runs for so many rounds and then it just stops running. No crash or anything, just stops. I am using Java 1.4.1_02. Any clue whatsoever anyone? -- PEZ

Does it happens always or only sometimes? What happens to me (Win XP & JRE 1.4.1) is that after running many matches in RC, it suddenly refuses to start my bot in the beginning of a match. The only way out is to close RC and re-open it (re-start: the MS solution...). It seems to happens only if i use the bot's debug window. No clues at all... -- Axe

For me it takes an arbritrary number of rounds before it stops. Sometimes tousands of rounds, sometimes just a few. It doesn't matter if I run RC manually or if it is RoboLeague or RoboRumble@Home running it. This PC is a speed deamon and could deliver lots of RR@H battles if I could just solve this problem. I wish it crashed instead, then the RR@H client would restart and the problem would be much smaller. -- PEZ

I don't know of any reason that I can associate specifically with running it on windows, but I've seen similar behavior on specific computers more than others. -- Kawigi

Does anyone know of an alternative to Sun's JRE on Windows? (That can maybe run RC) -- PEZ

You could try IBM's: http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/ (I see you've already found blackdown for Linux...) --FnH

That kind of behaviour makes me suspect of a dead-lock. That perhaps could explain why it happens (more) in the PEZ's super fast machine. Tell me PEZ, it happens with any bot or just with one or few? Did u tried to test with simple bots battles (like Walls vs. SittingDuck)? The problem with a dead-lock is that is the most hard to find and correct kind of bug (worst if it happens in a non open source sw, like Robocode). -- Axe

Sorry, I have not noticed there's a question for me here. It happens with all bots. Sometimes it can run for pretty long (like 6000+ rounds). But most often I can't manage to get to collect enough battles to get the roborumble client to upload the results... The process of open sourcing Robocode has advanced a bit by the way. Mat Nelson has filled in and submitted the complicated paper work and there are people assigned to reviewing it. -- PEZ

There is a work around that has been posted for the file saving issue that applies to at least JDK 1.4.2_02. Install and chage the batch scripts that start any Robocode instance by adding "-Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false" (ie: java -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -Xmx256M -jar robocode.jar). I have tested file savings with Roboleague, Robocode, and RR@H and they all seem to work (no Exceptions reported so far).

Interesting observation to add. Prior to upgrading, RR@H would always freeze after some indeterminate ammount of time. It rarely made it to double digit iterations and never once made it passed 12 iterations. Since installing RR@H has ran flawlessy. I am on iteration #40 and it is still running strong. If you are running Winodws XP I highly recommend this upgrade. -- jim

Very interesting, do you meant that SecurityException? issue that freezes bots that access disk, ain't? I'm going to test it, people interested in report tests in that bug, please report at JRE 1.4.2 SecurityException Bug -- Axe

It seems my java freeze problem might have to do with my video card and its driver. I have a geforce card. I think the freeze has something to do with when the running java app does not have the focus... If someone recoginizes this problem, please help me with this. -- PEZ

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