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Hello! I used to sign my posts as Andrew, but since it seems I am hooked on robocode for good I need to quit being JohnDoe.

My story is short: found robocode about 7 weeks ago, then all went wrong. Instead on pickikg MyFirstRobot to learn things I picked excellent bot Sedan written by iiley and Kawigi... that is how somewhat infamous ad.Neo came to life: from trying to rewrite iileys/Kawigis? ideas to fit mine. Then my next wrong step was to enter that bot into RR, just for fun. Since then I keep learning from reading robowiki that most all ideas I have/had all been tried/described/categorized ages ago. Kinda annoying :) Oh, one more thing: I live in the world of C/CPP/Delphi?/Perl?/you name it, usually trying to avoid java, looks like in this case I can't.

You can reach me by email at ockhamrazor@yahoo.com

Welcome to the RoboWiki! :D Robocode is also what got me hooked on Java. It's a lot of fun, and I am horribly addicted to it; that's why it's 3:30 am and I have to get up in 5 hours, and I'm still here talking. You may find that when you start, many of the ideas you come up with either have already been made obsolete, or will get thrashed by a certain kind of movement or gun. I spent months upon months with Robocode before I managed to come up with stuff that hadn't already been done, and none of it turned out to be any good anyway. When you think of new things to put into your robot, even if your concept has already been made obsolete, work through it and built it into a robot anyway; it will give you a lot of experience in building bots, and if you ever get stuck the solutions are there to help you out. -- Vuen

I completely agree. Just because an idea is published and tried by others shouldn't stop you from exploring it yourself. AdNeo proves that you ave managed to do something with those ideas that others have failed at. Otherwise it wouldn't be #1 in RoboRumble/PremierLeague right? =) Were JohnDoe's suggestions for segmentation on the SegmentedData/Segments page where yours? If so; Do they hint at what AdNeo segments on? -- PEZ

Actually, they were mine, I just didn't sign them because I was trying to add to the existing list (but I didn't notice that distance from the center was already there) -- Kawigi

Fun of testing: version B beats A... ver C beats B hands down... ver D beats C... let's see... ver A beats D. (for the record: both movement and power management were fixed in those versions, only gun is tweaked. It only shows how those 3 parts of bot are mangled and dependent even when we usually separate them in code and mentally) -- Frakir
Whenever you feel ready for it you can reveal from where you are so that your bots can have a country flag in the ranking tables. =) -- PEZ

Hey! Perfect timing... :) I think since I live in US make me an American then... -- Frakir

Sat, Nov 15: Neo 0.0 is gone (finally). For now replaced with Quest 0.06, merely a bugfix (not extensively tested). Within a week some stronger version should be up, after some testing; currently about 50% of Quest code is disabled in 0.06...

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