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I would like to use this page to discuss potential segments for use in targeting. If you have the time and inclination to share how about letting us know what types of segmentation you use. I have started the list below. I am sure there are others and I am sure that some of my explanations below are sketchy or flat out wrong but it's a start =^> Also the formatting on this page is horrible. Could a WikiMaster? fix this? -- jim

 Math.min(10, (int)(e.getDistance() / 100))
That would results in segments from 0 - 10, with all data above 1000 pixels agregating into the 10 bin.

 Math.min(10, (int)((e.getDistance() / (20 - 3 * shotPower)) / 10)
This would result in 11 bins of 10 ticks each. Each bin would cover from 80 to 197 pixels depending on shot power.


latVelIndex=(int)(lateralVelocity / 3);
This results in 3 latVelIndicies?. This is also an example of aggregation. Here the lateral velocities 0 - 2 are placed in the first (zero) index, 3 - 5 are placed in the second (one) index, and 6 - 8 are stored in the third (two) index.

if(enemyVelocity==0) moveTimes=0;  else  moveTimes++;

PEZ sometimes uses one or more of these (along with several of the ones mentioned above).

JohnDoe added:
Here's a couple of segments I have on the drawing board for Fractal:

-- Vuen

Starrynte sometimes segments on:

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