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The bot ad.Neo is basically a tweaked Sedan if I am correctly informed. I think it should be moved to the wiki package, reflecting the fact that it is the work of more than one author. -- PEZ

I think 99% the current bots (except for haiku ones) should be moved to wiki package, since most all use algorithms/tricks from some other bots.(And all the Toyotas should be renamed Ford, and all the chess engines should have Knuth mentioned as co-author since he first published mini-max and alpha-beta algos...) That is the problem with publishing your algorithms - if you don't want others to use some variation of it, don't publish it. The way I personally feel is: my only responsibility is towards the authors of ideas I used - Andrew (JohnDoe)

There's a difference between being inspired by published ideas and tweaking existing code, wouldn't you agree? It's just that we have been using the wiki package for coauthered bots. Not that's there's some law enforcing it, but I think that when you tweak open sourced bots from that package the result should stay there. And I, while at it, I also think you should keep the source open. And, honour the license terms under which the code is open sourced. -- PEZ

Neo is not 'tweaked code'. It was written from scratch. Well, 90% of it, anyway. I am still learning robocode, I suck in java (and hate it for its brain-damaged design), so I had to learn how to do things within the model properly. If you don't like Neo in roborumble go on and remove it... it was just a test bot. Besides, iiley and kawigi have (cleaned) source of it, so they can judge better then me.

Well, if it's mostly your own code, your own package might be right for it. We're all still learning Robocode. But I must say Neo is one great newbie bot! -- PEZ

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