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There are two John/Jane Doe's on the wiki:
  1. People who have not edited their [Preferences] and thus are either anonymous or impersonate other wiki visitors on the "Changes" listing.
  2. People forgetting to sign their contributions to the wiki. Different wiki's have different cultures with this. The culture of the RoboWiki quickly settled around signed articels and contributions. You can do as you like, but since most of us prefer to see who has written this or that we tend to add the signing where we thing we can deduce the author.
"Signings" most often looks like this on this wiki: -- PEZ
(That's; two dashes <space> and the author's home PageLink.)

Also, when adding only a paragraph, I just sign the end of the paragraph, but when adding multiple paragraphs I usually sign on a new line, just to avoid confusion that there might be a JohnDoe paragraph between my text and the last person's. -- Vuen

I do it the same way. -- PEZ

I don't, but i will, that's a very good idea. -- Tango

If you do that, though, don't put a space at the front of the signing line, though, or it will use a monospace font. -- Kawigi

here is an example of john doe

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