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A SampleBot that justs sits still doing nothing for the entire battle. Not very interesting, but can be useful for testing purposes, and for filling in blank spots in tournements. It also demonstrates persistance by counting how many times it has done nothing.

I take it all back! SittingDuck is the best robot on my computer! I just put all the bots on my computer in a battle on a 5000x5000 battlefield, and SittingDuck won! (well, he was the last bot standing in the first round, after which i clicked stop) -- Tango

Garb... I've just watched hours upon hours of Fractal vs. SittingDuck, and I still can't get its darn movement to work properly. In fact it loses quite consistently since it seems so good at crashing into walls. I'm so sick of angles... Ah well, as I have it now without the improvements I'm trying to make, it moves fairly well, and can already beat a lot of bots that shoot. For example, it can usually double Wisp's score. Not that Wisp is good or anything. Wait a minute... Since SittingDuck beats Fractal, and Fractal beats Wisp... SittingDuck must beat Wisp! And since Wisp is a MiniBot, SittingDuck must beat all MiniBots! Conclusion: SittingDuck is an excellent robot. :D -- Vuen

I sense flawed logic. -- Chase-san

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