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I propose a Challenge to beat the SampleBots. The rules are as follows:

I am also thinking about a score system based on efficency. Basically, the average amount of energy left at the end of each round (-ve of oppenents energy if you lose). But to do that you would have to either have an ObserverBot?, or add code to the challengers and samplebots. (i'm also thinking about efficency in movement and turning, but that might get a little complex)

What do people think? -- Tango

lol, it may be time to go back and actually finish that pattern-matcher I started for CircleBot... -- Kawigi

I'm currently making a SampleBotKiller? that should, when i finish it, be perfect for killing them all. As they are all open source, and simple, it isn't hard. -- Tango

A reasonable pattern-matcher that takes basic things into account and something that can dodge head-on-bullets perfectly (which is easy, it just takes a little extra effort when the walls are in there). I'd suggest changing the score to score/(totalscore)*100, though. The way you have it is going to give most people a score of Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY against SittingDuck, which will average with the other scores as infinity as well I'm guessing ;-) -- Kawigi

You have a good point. Having it out of total score is a good idea. The 100%'s is why i am thinking about the effiency thing. If you can kill them using as few bullets as possible (ie. 100% hit rate, and using the right power bullets), that is better than using lots of bullets. Moving as little as possible would also be interesting for the bullet dodging thing. Wait until the bullets are about to hit you and move perpendicular to them for 18 units, and you should be ok (maybe make it 19 to be sure). -- Tango

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