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Welcome to RoboWiki

This is a collaborative site about Robocode, where you can activly help other users with the programming of Robots.

You can edit and create pages on this site to setup new pieces of information. Take a look at the ReadMe to keep updated.

What do you need?

Click on a category link to get more information about that topic. Remember, you can always create new pages with chunks of information or to ask the staff a question.

Miss the old, index-it-all RoboWiki Home page? It's here: OptionalHome?). Bookmark that one if you prefer it.

Discussion about the new home page

Thanks again! I suggest we make pages like MovementBasics? so that we do not lure the beginenr visitors down in those advanced and cluttered domains immediately. The basics pages can link further. Also I do not think we need to talk too much about extending Robot. There's little point in when AdvancedRobot's are so much easier to work with. -- PEZ

An EnteringCompetition? link should be added. That page could have items like: How to package a bot, how to upload it, how to get it active in the rumble and ofcourse the current rankings. -- GrubbmGait

OK, the sections behind BasicInformation? should contain such help pages like PackageYourBot?, the AdvancedInformation? should hold pages about SubmitToRobocodeRepository? or else (information about how to get your bot into the main fighting arenas. -- SchwarzerPeter

PEZ, when should the new startpage go online? -- SchwarzerPeter

Whenever we have some content backing up the new structure. -- PEZ

OK, so we can create pages from this temporary page, too? -- SchwarzerPeter
Sure, just click on the question-mark links and type away :-) -- Kawigi

Looks like a fine setup -- Vic

I try to edit some of the new pages, mostly for beginners as I'm a beginner too. English is not my first language, so please take a look at all I write. ;) -- SchwarzerPeter

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