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What good is surfing against a shark?


Shark Challenge I: Targeting

It's very easy to beat Shark. MyFirstRobot beats Shark, for example. However, it's not easy to beat Shark by a large margin. Show off your your % score vs. Shark in a 1000 battle here:

Note: Shark uses the movement from RaikoMicro 1.44 and a very simple random gun.

Author Robot % score Comments
PEZ CassiusClay 76.027% -
wcsv Stampede2 1.1 74.312% My experimental bot.
David Alves YALT 1.722 73.228% -
iiley Pear 0.5 72.337% skipped 22534 times:(
Pulsar PulsarMax 0.5.20 71.218% -
UnderDark UnderDark3 2.3.24 69.338% Extends Robot
Mat Nelson TrackFire 68.549% -
Mat Nelson MyFirstRobot 53.463% -

Shark Challenge II: Surfing

Your score in Shark Challenge I is a measure of how good your aim is. Since Shark's aim is random, your score should be about the same amount whether you use your most advanced Surfing or don't move at all. So here's SharkChallenge II to test your movement.

Shark uses the movement from RaikoMicro 1.44, completely untouched. Therefore, the difference between RaikoMicro's score against you and Shark's score against you is completely due to the difference in their guns. A surfer should be able to surf RaikoMicro's bullets and therefore lower RaikoMicro's bullet damage. A truly amazing surfer might even be able to exploit the predictability of RaikoMicro's gun to make it hit less often than a random gun would. Can you?

Your Shark Challenge II score is (Shark 1.0's bullet damage against you) - (RaikoMicro 1.44's bullet damage against you). 1000 rounds each, 800x600.

Note: Higher is better, but I'm not sure that positive scores are possible.

Author Robot Shark's Bullet DamageRM's Bullet DamageScore
PEZ CassiusClay 23973 31088 -7115

I think that to make challenge II really relevant Shark must be equipped with the same EnergyManagement as RaikoMicro. -- PEZ

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