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I am needing to start my rc running other (not the default) JRE installed in my machine, does anybody knows how is the sintaxe for that (letīs say for the line "java -Xmx256M -jar robocode.jar")? -- Axe

Just give the full path to the java executable. -- PEZ

There is a search field at the bottom of every page in the wiki... :) -- ABC

Though the search script is very slow. A faster way might be to use Google. Try something like: "site:robowiki.net wave". -- PEZ

Help Theseus to find the Minotaurus in the maze!
Fellow robocoders, Iīm trying to clean up my aMAZEing code (yes i know, moms, i should keep my desk cleaner...:))... But i have found a surprisingly stupid problem: How can i via Eclipse identify the unused public methods in a Project? This help request may sound one of the most stupid ever, but I simply havenīt found any way to do this, neither a plug-in that provide me this warning... Theseus is lost, please help him to find the string... -- Axe

Try to refactor the method name and say preview-- SSO?

Actually, i was thinkinī better about myself as Theseus (quoting PEZ)... And it just donīt fit. I am actually the Minotaurus, afterall the maze is mine right? Also i was born under the sign of taurus. So, correcting: Please help Minotaurus cleaning his maze! :) -- Axe

Why would anyone help the Minotaur? Maybe Theseus and the Minotaur is one and the same? Just a bad case of schizofrenia. =) -- PEZ

Right. The maze is my mind :) :P So, if you like better Theseus, he is also asking... :) -- Axe

@SSO: Iīm talking about checking all the public methods, not one by one... -- Axe

Axe, i am using PMD. Quote:
PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like:

PMD has plugins for JDeveloper, Eclipse, JEdit, JBuilder, Omnicore's CodeGuide?, NetBeans/Sun? ONE Studio, IntelliJ? IDEA, TextPad?, Maven, Ant, Gel, and Emacs. see http://pmd.sourceforge.net/

p.s. don't check the JavaDoc? in your code! My experience is that you will get a lot of messages...;-) --Loki

Axe: you probably won't find any program that scans for unused public methods, because there is no way for to tell if they were intended to be called by code that's not in your project. For example, you probably don't call onScannedRobot() anywhere in your code, so it would qualify as an "unused public method" :-P --David Alves

@David: No if you define the "universe" of your project. Remember that a Project at eclipse also have a classpath. In that case, i consider it part of my "universe"(Project), therefore onScannedRobot() could be considered used method. I looked around a lot searching for this... Never found anything. My real work is with desktop apps (medical ensurance transaction Servers), very huge apps actually, Tons and tons of .jar ,packages & classes. Also the team have 6 coders, a lot of hands coding and frequently running to accomplish crazy and unreal deadlines (as usual). I consider a plug-in that could give me the info of unused public methods essential to cleaning the code. But it seems that only me in the world think this (otherelse someone else would have done it)... Perhaps iīll have to do one by myself (at least could be fun to learn how to write eclipse plug-ins). -- Axe

@Loki: Thx, Ill take a look, but does it checks the public unused methods? Didnt see it at your list... -- Axe

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