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Well, it was a fun 2003. Okay all, I've done quite a bit of work on SineSweep's new engine the past couple weeks. I LOVE SineSweep's new engine; everything is so well built and so easy to understand. Anyway I got a new computer for Christmas (Intel 2.6g P4, Asus P4P800, 2*256g pc3200 ram w/hyperthreading) and I fixed my optical mouse, so I'll be able to program much faster now. I'm going to be back in residence the 4th, so until then I may not get much work done, but I'm around anyway.


Special thanks to jim for convincing me to start over SineSweep. I started the engine from scratch, and have the event manager built now. It already has a more structurally stable framework than Fractal. However, much of Fractal's framework is unusable in it, because SineSweep's engine needs to be built completely differently so that it can iterate and schedule its own movement. Anyway, I have 4 exams next week, so I have to study, and so I am promising myself that I won't TOUCH robocode (nor the wiki (*sniff*)) until my exams are over. After that, I'll be home with old friends for Christmas, and so I doubt I'll get much done there either. In any case, eventually I'll get back into the groove and get SineSweep working again. Until then, bye!

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