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I don't have too much right now (working on a lot of other stuff right now). Recently won a in class school robo competition (did quite well), and am working on another robot to continue my domination.


degrendel.InfoGather? (Concept)

Simple robot that does data gathering and used an early movement idea. The firing is all messed up, can't beat a single other robot.


Moderate robot, uses the data gathering from InfoGather?, moves like walls. Uses head on firing, works reasonable well. Dodges quite well (though it still doesn't do very well).

degrendel.BlueLogic? (1st revision)

Same as BlackIce?, only code is cleaned up (25% less lines, but with twice as much commeting) and many of the bugs are fixed.

degrendel.BlueLogic? (2nd revision)

Vastly changed version, much better than anything before this robot. Moves simular to walls, only rounds corners (makes it much better). Uses head on, linear, and circular firing. Dodge code is excellent for its simplicity. Holds ground in melee battles (always moves away from enemies). Dynamicaly determines best firing code and useful ness of dodge code. Not all features are battletested against very good robots, but does quite well.

degrendel.PatternMatch? (Concept)

Pattern Matching, currently in work.


Remake of BlueLogic?, will use more dynamic code and pattern matching, also in work.

degrendel.SpiralMove? (Concept)

Concept movement, will spiral around enemy.


If SpiralMove? works well, I use make this robot use the spiral (and ram), but use dodge code as well.

Since I am currently in competition, I will not be releasing the source code until my current robots is nothing like BlackIce? or BlueLogic?. -- SirNuke (sirnuke gmail com)

Welcome to the Wiki! Will you be adding any of these bots to the RoboRumble? -- Alcatraz

Perhaps. I want to see how well they do, as well as modifiy the code so that pattern matchers don't do as well against them. -- SirNuke

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