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Sjonniebot is a advanced bot of level Newbie. It is designed (although not very succesful) to beat Memnoch, TheRoof, RamboT and (in the distant future) Bandit.

How does it move?

It moves from point to point in order to avoid walls. Previous versions attempted to avoid walls when they came close to it, but this seems to work better. It also attempts to avoid bullets, but this is not working quite well yet. Random speed-variations seem to be more effective than bullet-evasion... It can be found here. I'm also developing Serenity, which is a testbed for Sjonniebots evasive manouvres.

How does it fire?

Some movement prediction (lineair-alike). Firepower depends on distance alone.


Version Date Rating

V0.9.1 21-May-2004 1397.48

Fixed a bug which caused Sjonniebot to stop shooting. So it's back, shooting and well! Almost breaks the 1400 points barier again.

V0.9 20-May-2004 1366

Reverted the aiming algorithm of V0.7. Hope this helps. :-)

V0.8 13-May-2004 1318

"Improved" aiming and fixed a bug in the evasion. Doesn't perform very well though... It bearly beats RamboT in the scores...

V0.7 07-May-2004 1370

Better evasion and aiming. Bi-directional movement.

V0.6(.1) 05-May-2004 1362.38

Improved movement (it now evades bullets like Serenity does), and it now only shoots when gun-movement has stopped. Beats both TheRoof and RamboT in direct contact, and comes closer to Memnoch than previous versions. Released a .1 release to fix a bug that caused it to throw exceptions in RoboRumble

V0.5 27-Apr-2004 1311.17

It's a little better, but still not what it should be. Next release will focus on bullet-evasion.

V0.4 23-Apr-2004 1307.97

"Improved" the movement algorithms. Apparently they need some more improvement...

V0.3 22-Apr-2004 1408.78

This version beats theRoof, but it still can't beat Bandit. Added this bot to the RoboRumble.

V0.2 21-Apr-2004

Made some improvements regarding movement, in that it tries to avoid walls.

V0.1 21-Apr-2004

First try.

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