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I'm a Canadian robocoder from NovaScotia? that's been lurking in the background for some time now. Eventually I will create a bot that's worthy of the big leagues. Until then I'm just fiddling around with smaller bots. You can see CutOff? bot run in the Robocode Robocode Little League. It's a good nano/Sonnet? bot that really works in team play. I also threw in a whole bunch of Haiku Bots. If the package name starts with soup, it probably mine.

Woot Canada! Welcome to the wiki. (incidentally, any reason that name might seem familiar from some time back?) -- Kuuran

He's also been hanging around the repository forums for awhile. -- Kawigi

I've been around for a little while now. Just kinda seeing what's out there. I'm slow at designing a good bot. I end up making numerous _possibly_ useful packages but can never seem to put them together properly. :) I'm thinking about uploading some of the source for new programmers to use. I just gotta decide what and where to put it. :)


have you come up with a guess factor gun yet? if so, stick it on orbital movement w/ a direction switch once in a while, and you've got yourself a 40's bot or so. --andrew

If you want to make a bot REALLY pluggable, you should look at how the robot that comes with FloodGrapher does it. -- Kawigi

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